Mrs. Robinson's Sharin' Some Cool Shit (#SoSS Volume 5)

So many amazing bloggers share their kinky and personal experiences, you can spend hours browsing the webs, but here are a few I enjoyed and think you will too - saved you some time there.

Imperfections by Marie Rebel

Imperfections is such a beautiful, inspirational piece. Marie shares so much of herself with us, but when she steps back and becomes vulnerable about her feelings and thoughts around her body, it's pure genius. I loved her open conversation, her willingness to share with the rest of us, and the inspiration I personally felt from her example. Thank you, Marie!

A Hilarious Tale by Pixie Heart

Okay, I laughed all the way through this story! It could only happen to me is purely a "feel-good" medley of stories about what happens when you're having so much fun, you forget who might be seeing the aftermath. If you want a chuckle, you've got to read this.

Expectations! From Loving BDSM

I enjoyed this post from Loving BDSM/Kayla Lords - What You Should Expect from D/s Relationships. But also, I wrote my post about negotiating before I listened to the podcast, so then I was like, "Oh! I should have added that. I should have said this." Haha. Oh well. All these points are important whether you're testing the waters or already in an established relationship and you'll find plenty of good advice here.

How to Be a Good Couple to Threesome by Coffee & Kink

I love all the practical advice in How to Be a Good Couple to Threesome. I am not poly, I can't even imagine it really, because I just don't work that way, but the relationship advice here is gold no matter what kind of relationship you're in - even for friendships! Amy knows what she's talking about and her advice is good anywhere, not just in poly relationships.

Anatomy Advice from the Smutlancer

This particular post I'm writing right now might break some of these guidelines because it's probably too damn long - but there was so much good stuff this week!! Do you wonder whether your blog posts are too long or too short or structured well? Do you want to start blogging but you don't know where to begin? READ THIS: The Anatomy of a Good Blog Post. I'm pretty bossy for a sub. Always telling you what to read and stuff. Just read it.

Floored by Exhibit A - A photograph

This is such a strong image. At first, I thought, "That is a huge hotel room and where's the furniture?" But then I read the description and he said it is a self-portrait taken in a hotel HALLWAY late at night! Brave man. And sexy too.

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