Mrs. Robinson's Sharin' Some Cool Shit (#SOSS 1/2018)

One of my favorite reads this week was from someone I just started following. Glow from Exhibit A. is a piece I can relate to, as hubby and I spent four days with family in the mountains and had our own sneak away. I absolutely love this gentleman's writing. like I said, I've only just begun reading his posts, but his style pulls you easily into his thoughts and feeling of the moment. It's fun and intriguing to see the male perspective in intimate moments and this post is one you must take a look at. Well done, I want more!

Marie Rebel has been blogging for a LONG time! This week, in a reflection of 2017, she opened up in summation of the horrendous year it was. I found myself in tears reading about the struggles she's faced, her determination to remain positive, and her strength in standing by her man through these very hard times. Relationships are about more than sex and fun times. When you come through hard times together and commit to do the best you can with what you've been given, love when it's most difficult, stick when you want to run, and hold on with all you've got til you're through to the other side - well, that's what love is really all about. I send all my love and positive thoughts out to Marie and her Master T for 2018. She's a strong woman who I only know through her blog, but I have so much admiration for her determination and positive attitude.

My last mention this week is one I found myself nodding in agreement with as I read. Having a baby IS a terrifying proposition, but also a wonderful one - when you get past the diaper changing and late night feedings and being terrified that you'll ruin or somehow kill this life you created. Livvy has poured out her heart and soul in Baby, Baby and it's a stirring read you absolutely have to take a look at. There are so many thoughts, emotions, stigmas, and points to juggle in consideration of motherhood, it can be overwhelming. I'm thankful Livvy wrote this post and opened up about all of that - it's nice to know someone else has the same thoughts and feelings tumbling around as I do.

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