Mrs. Robinson's Sharin' Some Cool Shit (#SOSS 2/2018)

And here we go! Welcome to the second Saturday in January - wow! Okay, how did that happen? As always, I'm sharing posts or articles I found interesting this week, they are not necessarily posts published this week, as I sometimes stumble on an old blog post I find worth sharing.

Let's Learn Some Stuff

I know I mention Kayla Lords a lot, but I just can't help myself! This week's episode of The Smutlancer was so good, speaking about Brene Brown's work and how shame and vulnerability factor into not just being a "creative", but specifically a creative in regards to sex writing. I was laughing through parts because I clearly remember writing the first love scene in my first full-length novel. I kept looking over my shoulder like, "mom is going to jump across the miles and somehow look over my shoulder to scold me for this!" Now I'm getting more comfortable, stretching my erotic muscles with memes like Masturbation Monday and Marie Rebel's Wicked Wednesday.

Kayla is doing excellent work for the sex blogging community with The Smutlancer. You definitely MUST check it out - AAANND There are only three episodes so far, so if you haven't been listening, you can catch right up!

Seguey into another Kayla Lords topic, but this one involves Mr. John Brownstone - These two are the coolest duo, so perfect for each other and what they're doing and I absolutely love them. Every Loving BDSM podcast makes me laugh at some point (or many points, or all the way through), but Kayla made me cry when she started crying at the end of episode 114. You'll have to listen to find out why... 2018 is going to be super awesome amazing for Loving BDSM. If you haven't checked out the podcast, please do. You will love them too, you just can't help it.

The Exes

This next one is not necessarily fun or sexy, but it is relatable. Very relatable. Sometimes we get caught up in the "high" of sex writing and sex reading and we forget that the people we follow, the people who write all the smutty goodness we consume, have lives, jobs, partners, children, heartaches, pains, joys, and traumas just like the rest of us. This week's Wicked Wednesday was about the exes and once again, Marie Rebel gave us an intimate look into her life. A Trail of Exes invites us to peek into the looking glass of ex-relationships, where they led her, and how her life now is a culmination of those experiences.

Some Good is Happening

This week, Jon Pressick shared a wonderful conglomeration of info in Kinkly's Sex Stories We Love. I enjoy reading these posts, but this one had some good information about teen pregnancy rates, fantasizing for men vs. women and how society views it, and why meat eaters have more sex than vegetarians (according to the "data"). A great read - follow the links and they'll take you to a magical place.

Thank you for reading! If you want to share some of your favorites from the sex blogging community, please do! Use the hashtag #SOSS and share for the benefit of others.

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