Mrs. Robinson's Sharin' Some Cool Shit (Volume 1)

This week, I’m all about education. The week has been full to the brim with educational experiences and interactions, so that’s what’s top of my mind.

Need Writing Advice? Want to Start/Improve/Monetize Your Blog? Start Here!

If you’re a sex-blogger, content creator (written or podcast), or even just a general blogger - someone getting started (like me!) at putting your voice on the webs for the world to hear - you’ve got to visit Kayla Lords on The Smutlancer. Kayla has years of expertise as a full-time freelance writer and she’s bringing her wealth of knowledge to the table for our benefit.

I listened this week to the very first Smutlancer podcast and CANNOT WAIT for more!
In my everyday life, I author my own sweet and sexy romances, but the majority of my work is for my husband and our company. I am the “Administrative Boss”, which means I do all the things - ALL THE THINGS! I email, phone call, collect money, schedule clients, write the newsletters, facilitate educational opportunities, etc. etc. etc.

Well, with all I do in my "job", I wasn't able to find an answer to what I thought should have been a simple question regarding authoring. I wanted a personal recommendation, because a Google-driven search turned up WAY too many results to weed through. I reached out to Kayla at The Smutlancer and received an immediate - and extremely helpful - response. So, when she says she's here to help the writing/blogging community, she means it, and not only on the sexy side of things.

The Smutlancer is going to be one of the best resources you can latch onto for information, advice, and an honest look at writing as an income source. 
Check out The Smutlancer online and tune in to the podcast. I use iTunes, but it is available on multiple channels.

Trouble Reaching that Orgasmic Experience? You're Not Alone!

The V. Club had a great article this week on orgasms and why "getting there" is difficult for some people. I am a person who loves sex, loves orgasms (who doesn't?), and has always had an ability to block out everything else in pursuit of my own pleasure. I'll admit to using this in an unhealthy manner at a point in my life where my mental health was at a low point, but there are many, many women (and men) on the other end of the spectrum who have difficulty achieving or have never achieved, orgasm. This can be a frustrating and debilitating thing, causing what should be a fantastic experience to become something else. 

This particular article focuses on the mind-body connection and does not deal with issues related to physical health - which are hugely important and do affect the mental aspect, but in reading this, it seemed to be geared toward otherwise healthy individuals who may simply be "getting in the way" of their own orgasmic experience.

You can read the article in full here, or visit The V. Club online to view all their wonderful content.

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