Falling Into You (A Masturbation Monday Post)

This is another part of my WIP - I think it's a pretty hot scene! 

Please enjoy! 


I’m overcome. I can’t speak, can’t see, can’t do anything but let Andrew force my body to respond, like he’s been doing this for years and knows exactly how to touch me, exactly how to make me lose my mind. I feel like it should have taken me longer to get here, usually being a one and done experience when I do it myself. A dim part of me is surprised at the way I respond to his touch, but my body isn’t surprised at all. It knows it belongs singularly to Andrew Chase.

His fingers move faster, making it harder and harder for me to maintain a coherent train of thought. I abandon the effort altogether and let myself become a mindless, yearning thing, bracing against the headboard, pushing back against his every thrust.

“You want to come, don’t you, pet?”

I do. He knows me better than I know myself. I’m at the precipice and I want him to send me over the edge, but I can’t, not without his permission, not without his words telling me it’s okay. I whine, high in my throat, it’s a painfully erotic sound, the only communication I’m capable of right now. If I could speak, it would be a babbling of praise and pleas, begging him to finally, finally let me come on his hard cock.

He rolls his fingers over my clit again, expertly, at the same time releasing me from this prison. “Come for me, now Mercedes.”

I can only obey him. I have no other choice. My orgasm slams into me, rolling through my exhausted body for what seems like an eon. Whole universes are created and destroyed while I shudder and clench around his cock.

I squeeze my eyes shut, so hard I see bright, geometric patterns behind my closed lids. My pussy is throbbing, pulsing, alternatively pulling him deeper and pushing him out. I’ve never felt anything like this.

“That’s right.” His voice comes from some distant planet, his fingers still moving on my clit. “You’re being so good for me.”

He thinks I’m good, that’s all that matters. My hold on the headboard is so hard, my fingertips tingle from the lack of blood. My body responds to this man like it was created solely for that purpose. At last, my orgasm ends and I sag to the mattress, hands still curled around the headboard. I can’t stay upright anymore. My limbs won’t cooperate.

His hands touch the back of my head, untying the blindfold, which he draws away from my face to toss on the floor, withdrawing from by body at the same time. I cry out in wordless protest, already missing the feeling of his cock pressing me open.

“Hush now.”

He turns me over, gently easing me onto my back while I squint at the too-bright lights of the bedroom. He’s bent over me, a dark shape, smoothing my hair from my sweaty forehead. I raise my limp arms, clutching at his shoulders. “I let go.” They’re the only words I can summon.

He laughs softly and kisses my face. “That’s right. I didn’t tell you to, did I? I’ll have to punish you for that tomorrow.”

He grasps my thighs, spreading them apart, splitting me open as he slides back into me, then holds himself above my body, rolling his hips slowly. “I’m going to come in your wet pussy, Mercedes. Would you like that?”

“Yes, yes.” Because is there anything else I can say? I’m senseless, hungry, desperately holding onto him as his rhythm falls apart. He slams into me hard. Twice, three times, before he shudders against me, panting raggedly, his cock pulsing inside me as he comes.

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