Uncooperative Legs (A Masturbation Monday Post)

“Go stand in front of the window, hands on the glass."

A thrill shoots through me at the gruffly spoken command and I put a sway in my hips, walking on the balls of my feet, giving him the best view I can. When he commanded me to strip, looking like a general seated on his throne, I expected... something else, but now, as I reach the window and lean forward, placing my hands on the glass, I look back at him and feel powerful. "Like this, Sir?" I ask in the sultriest voice I can summon.

His eyes flash as he closes the distance between us with a few powerful, stalking strides.

“That's beautiful, love,” He murmurs while one big hand moves slowly, sensuously over my ass, then up my back to my head where he winds his hand around a handful of my thick hair, sending tingles to race along my scalp. Using his grip on my hair, he turns my head forward again and I shudder at his warm breath against my ear, then smile at his words, “You know exactly what you're doing, you little minx.”

He presses his hips to my ass, letting me feel the hard line of his erection as he leans forward, his breath hot on the back of my neck. A warm tingle skitters across my skin as he kisses me lightly, following the line of my spine with feathery touches from firm lips.

“I have to say, beautiful,” His hand still holds my hair, not enough to cause real pain, but enough to let me know exactly who's calling the shots, exactly how this night is going to go. “You make me want things I haven't wanted in a long time.” His other hand is carressing soft circles across the round globes of my butt, sending goosebumps running down my legs.

If he wasn't holding me in place, my hands pressed firmly against the glass, I'm certain I'd be nothing more than a quivering mass on the floor. My pussy aches in the sweetest, most tortured way. I'm so aroused I can hardly bear it.

“You make me feel a bit savage, Sweetness."

I let out a startled yelp when that hand, so soft moments ago, suddenly delivers an echoing smack to my backside. The sharp, immediate sting quickly subsides and turns to warmth, spreading across my skin as he returns to that soft caress. My legs quiver like jelly when he releases my hair and my chin falls forward, my head suddenly too heavy to hold up. He moves his hands down my thighs in firm strokes and I feel his smile at the moan I can't hold back when he peppers me with open-mouthed kisses while kneading my flesh in an iron grip.

“I love this body." He murmures, continuing the slow assault with his lips and hands. I feel like he's everywhere, tendrils of electricity morph into heat pooling low in my belly. I feel my own arousal seeping through sheer panties, the only garment he ordered me to leave on my body. My arms are trembling, barely holding me up while I lean into the glass. God, I just want him to touch me. I need him to touch me. I'm aching and hungry in ways I didn’t know were possible.

"Please, Sir.” I beg in a voice I don't recognize. "Please touch me."

"You want me to touch you, Sweetness?"

"Yes.” I whimper. I'm not above crying. That just might happen if he leaves me like this much longer.

But he just chuckles darkly. “Where do you want me to touch you, love?” His hands whisper across my rib cage, around to palm my breasts. “Here?”

Oh, that does feel good. I sigh, then groan and my pussy spasms when he pinches both nipples hard.

“Or here?” My mind is fogging as he runs his hands back across my stomach, down the front of my thighs. Oh yes, god yes. Please, right there! His thumbs are so close to where I need them to be, but he keeps moving, torturing me, and now I might cry for real.

“Please,” I pant and whimper. “I think I’ll die if you don’t touch me.”

“Ah, I can’t have that, now can I? You’ve been so good, giving me everything I want, working so hard for me. Spread your legs, love.”

I do. Probably more than I need to, but I can't stand it any longer. My need for him is greater than any amount of pride I think I have. I'm ready to do almost anything he asks of me.

When he runs his thumb between my ass cheeks, hooking into my panties, pulling them to the side, my heart stutters with an excitement I haven't felt in ages. I lose my breath as he runs a finger through my soaking wet folds, then pushes inside with a hungry growl, “So wet for me.”

My legs aren't doing their job very well. I feel an irrational sense of annoyance at them for making me concentrate to remain standing when every other cell in my body is screaming for release. And he's touching me now in a way that's going to make it happen. Stupid legs.

He brings his other hand around the front of my body and finds my clit with practiced, expert fingers. With a rough combination of fingers moving in and out from my body, touching every perfect nerve and the rub and pinch to my clit he forces my disintegration beneath him. My legs fail me, coherant thought flees from me with a sob, and all I know is pleasure as I'm lost on the sweetest cloud.

Through the haze, I realize he has me in a firm grasp with one arm while he continues a languid stroke, in and out of my body with the other. He's letting me come down slowly, but this night is far from over.


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