Dissolve (#Masturbation Monday Week #2)

“What took you so long? Down. Get on your knees.” His hands push me to the floor, not harsh, but insistent, the gruff need in his voice making my pussy clench and my breath hitch.

I can’t take my eyes off his body. He’s beautifully naked, his skin smells fresh and he’s shaved himself from ass to chest. I lick my lips in anticipation as my knees kiss the floor.

“I showered and shaved. I’ve been waiting for you.”

I grin up at his handsome face, his dark eyes boring into me. “I told you, I had to stop at the grocery. Are you wearing a plug?”

I keep grinning at him like a loon because this is how he gets when he plugs himself to build arousal. He likes the feeling of it on his prostate, but he can only handle it for so long before he needs release.

“Maybe.” Comes the growled reply. “Suck my nuts.”

I’m going to. I was going to even if he didn’t tell me to. I love the taste of his skin, the way he groans when I roll his testicles around in my mouth. He’s clean and fresh and I want to taste him. I sit back on my heels for a better angle and take his sack into my lips. My pussy starts to ache with need while I lick and suck and nibble my way around his soft skin.

“Can you spread your legs wider?” I peer up at him through my lashes, hoping he will, but he does what he wants and sometimes what he wants is for me to work a bit. I smile when he moves one foot to the side, then press my face against him, taking his whole sack into my mouth, sucking and rolling, pulling his skin out, then sucking it in again.

I want his cock. I want to feel the weight of it on my tongue. I want to taste the bead of precum pooled atop its dark mushroomed head. Even as I continue working his sack, my mouth waters while I stare at that beautiful cock standing proud just above my forehead.

I shift, pushing myself up, releasing his sack from my mouth.

“No. Sit down, open your hand.”

I sit back on my heels and raise my hand to him. He pulls the jar of coconut oil from the counter and lowers it to me.

“Rub my dick, lick my nuts, then I’m going to come in your mouth.”

I nod while coating him with oil, then begin a solid stroke up and down, down and up. I close my eyes while I work. My mouth, taking his whole sack into it, letting my tongue play as it likes. My hand, stroking him firmly with a steady pace. My heart is pounding, muscles tense, so aroused, all I can think about is getting him off so I can come too.

As if reading my mind, he winds his fingers through my hair and pulls my head back so I’m forced to look at him.

“Touch yourself. Come if you want to, but don’t you dare bite me when you do.”

“I won’t.” I promise breathlessly.

He pushes my face to his body once more and I continue – stroking his cock, stoking my clit through the yoga pants I’m still wearing. Electricity arcs through my pelvis as I stroke in alternating circles of tiny, then larger circumference. God, I want to be naked. I want to feel my skin, to feel the air on it, to touch a breast to his leg. But that’s part of the game, part of my struggle. I’m going to have to work a little harder for my own release – and work extra hard to not let my teeth snap shut when I orgasm.

I want him to come first. It’s not likely, but I can try and he’s been wearing a plug, waiting for me, so maybe the odds are in my favor.

I move my hand along his impressive length with more speed and lick his perineum, all the way back to taste the metal head of the plug he is indeed wearing. His answering guttural groan lets me know I’ve hit a sweet spot. When his stomach muscles twitch and his thigh tenses, satisfaction pours through me. He’s close. He pulls my head back again and wraps his hand around mine, pushing the head of his cock into my mouth and I allow a groan of pleasure to escape my throat.

He releases our hands, thrusting his hips forward while holding my head steady. I love this. I love the way he fucks my mouth with barely-there restraint. I loosen my jaw, focusing on keeping my teeth away from him and raise my hand to cup his sack.

I’m not going to come now. I can’t like this. I have to focus solely on not biting him because his dick is rather large and my mouth is not. When he hits the back of my throat, I swallow and force myself to relax, fighting my gag reflex while he moves faster.

“TJ. Fuck, you feel so good.”

His hold on my hair tightens, causing me to wince, but my energy is focused on my jaw, my throat, taking everything he’s giving me and the pleasure I feel at doing it.

His whole body shudders just before he dissolves and the first shot of his orgasm hits my throat. This is the hard part for me. My mind wants to accept him, but my body has a difficult time with it. I’m so focused on swallowing, taking everything he wants to give, not gagging at the texture of his cum in my mouth and throat, I barely register that his hips have stopped moving, but I’m able to suck his softening cock as he pulls it from my lips.

“Thank you, love.”

He strokes my head before pulling me from the floor to toss me onto the bed. Despite the release of his orgasm, a dark fire still burns in his eyes.

Oh yes, it’s my turn now.

My husband has a beautiful body, the most gorgeous cock I've ever seen, and I absolutely love staring at his naked body.

Thank you, Kayla, for this inspiring prompt and thank you, @ElliottHenry5 for sharing your own beautiful cock with us!

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