The gadget that started it all...

ARG! I just want to come! How hard can that be!!??”

My fists clench at my sides while I yell in frustration at the grey, un-answering wall of my bedroom. Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes I’ve been unsuccessfully rubbing my stubborn clit with fingers that now feel like prunes. I’m wet, really wet, and it feels nice, but I don’t want nice. I want an orgasm.

I jump from my bed and restlessly begin roaming my small apartment. There’s got to something in this place I can use to fuck an orgasm from my rebellious body. I feel as if it’s laughing at me, mocking me, giving me the urge to find release while denying my attempts.

Fuck that.

I’m determined now. I will have an orgasm if it’s the last thing I do. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but goddamit, I just want to come! If I were the kind of girl who cried, I might cry in frustration. But no, I’m not gonna cry, I’m going to get my orgasm.

My Spidey-senses take me to my kitchen where I rummage through the drawers. I have all kinds of long-handled instruments with which I could fuck my traitorous pussy, but I need more. I don’t know how I know this, but I do.

I stand still for a moment, thinking, making a mental inventory of the items I own that might be useful when suddenly, it smacks me upside the head.

My toothbrush!

I race the five feet to my bathroom and grab the implement of oral hygiene from its charger, smiling with glee when I flick the switch and that powerful motor buzzes to life. Oh yes! This is going to do nicely. Philips Sonicare really wants you to have clean teeth, but I bet they didn't know how dirty their toothbrushes could get.

I smirk at my clit as I lay back on my bed and spread my legs. You won’t get away so easily this time, you lil sucker.

With two fingers, I spread myself open, exposing the stubborn little object of my frustration and flip the switch on my toothbrush once more.

Ohdeargodthatfeelsgood! I press the flat side to the exposed bundle of nerves and my body arches involuntarily. It’s so intense. I almost remove the gadget from its resting place, but I’m determined, so I press harder instead.

Electricity shoots through me and my toes curl, almost to the point of cramping. When my inner muscles freeze, then grab and spasm while the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced rolls through me, I can’t stop the squeal of pleasure that bursts from my mouth.

I drop the still vibrating toothbrush while panting, catching my breath, unclenching the muscles of my thighs, willing my legs to straighten.


I’m totally satisfied now and when I wake up from my coma, I’m going to order a vibrator.

This prompt about gadgets made me think of the first vibrating thing I used to bring myself to orgasm and the monster it created (he he he).

I started my toy collection as a young woman living alone and now my husband and I have a very nice assortment which we continue to build on. I grew up with a horrendous stigma attached to sex and masturbation, but once I got past my own guilt and shame and gave myself permission to experience pleasure at my own hand, it opened a bright new world to me.

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