The Bluejay Saw it All

I’m out of breath from the altitude and my excitement by the time I get to the cluster of large rocks where we took pictures the day before. The foliage is sparse, but being partially exposed seems to ad to my building arousal. 

He told me to meet him here in ten minutes and I tried, but it’s been more like fifteen. When I don’t see him anywhere, I begin to worry. Did I hear him right? Did I go to the right place? 

Before my brain gets too haywire, the snap of a twig behind me ratchets my heart rate up and I spin around, then exhale in relief when I see it’s him. He’s grinning as he moves toward me with that predatory grace that always makes my knees go weak.

“Remember when we would sneak down to the garage to rub each other off?” His eyes twinkle with the question. 

I do remember. I remember almost everything about those days. We were so young, but then, just like now, we couldn’t stay away from each other. So much has changed, but some things remain the same. Like the pull low in my belly when he smiles at me like he is now.

“I remember.” I grin back at him. 

“I’m better prepared these days.” 

He pulls out a small bottle of silicon lube and I almost do a little dance. We’re gonna rub each other off - sneaking around like teenagers. I love little games like this, so my body’s humming with anticipation, waiting for him to give me direction.

“Turn around, flat against the rock, hands spread.” 

I frown. That doesn’t sound like we’ll be rubbing each other off.

“I haven’t been inside you in two days and we have two more here. Did you think I wasn’t going to jump on my opportunity?”

I smile at that, but we’re not exactly out of view. “What if someone comes?” 

“Then they’ll see us fucking.”

Oh god. That definitely does something for me. I really like this side of him. He’s usually the reserved one, and even though I'm nervous, this game he’s playing is making my body light up like a firecracker. 

I do as I’m told and press the front of my body against the rock, which he must’ve scouted because it angles me perfectly for him to slide into my wet, needy pussy from behind. My breath comes in shallow pants as he reaches around and pops the button on my jeans, pulling them down just below my butt, trapping my thighs with my own clothing. I exhale on a shallow moan when he pulls my hips back and grips my ass hard, spreading my cheeks just before he pushes his cock against my vagina. I’m wet, but not quite enough. It’s not painful, but it’s not quite pleasurable either. He presses forward slowly, but growls in my ear, “This is gonna be quick, if you don’t come now, you won’t come til tonight.” 

That’s changed since we were teens, but it’s a challenge. And I do love a good challenge.

He’s gentle at first, pressing into me, pulling out an inch or two, then pushing back in. I know what he’s doing and I take mental note of my footing, my hand placement, making sure I’ll be able to brace when he starts slamming into me.

Once he’s satisfied that my pussy’s wet enough to take what he’s going to give it, he starts to move. While his thrusts become faster and harder, he wraps one hand around my pony-tail and tugs my head back.

“You’d best be quiet, love.” Comes the harsh whisper and my answering shiver.

With his other hand, he grabs my hip and pulls it back so my ass is angled upward, giving him free ride to hit every deliciously erogenous spot along my inner walls. After five years, he knows the angle that will send me over the edge in a hurry, and now he’s pumping into me like a wild animal. His breathing changes almost imperceptibly, but I know it, it means he’s about twenty-seconds away from his orgasm and I don’t want to be left behind.

“Can I touch myself?” Please say yes. Please say yes! My body screams.

“Rub your clit. Suck my fingers.”

With an inner shout of joyous glee, I move one hand to my clit while he thrusts two fingers between my lips and I suck hard. The combined arousal of sucking his fingers and furiously rubbing little circles around my slick, swollen clit sends me into a tailspin and my entire pelvis explodes in the pleasure of sweet release. He buries his head in my back, using the thick fabric of my sweatshirt to muffle his groan of ecstasy.

As my head begins to clear, I realize we’ve just done something we’ve never done before and I start to giggle.

“We can check off sex in a public place.” I whisper.

Even though it’s a barely populated public place, I’m gonna say it counts.

 He chuckles as he pulls away and his now softening cock slides from my body. “And we had an audience.”

Wait... What!?

I must look panicked because he laughs and points to a tree branch about four feet away. A Bluejay's perched there, just watching us with his beady little Bluejay eyes.

“Has he been there the whole time?” I laugh.

“I don’t know. Maybe he likes watching.”

I pull my pants up quickly, because his semen is already leaking from my body, and there's that creepy little Bluejay.

He tugs me into his arms with a chuckle. “That was fun. Thank you.” He kisses my head and steers me back toward our cabin while I wonder how I’m going to sneak through all his family members unscathed. My most earnest prayer is that his mom doesn’t snag me. Then a thought hits me.

“Hey, why the lube?”

“I was trying to decide between your ass and your pussy.”


Thank you to Kayla Lords for this lovely little activity!

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