Sweet Surprise

"Hands above your head, don’t move." My skin tingles at the gruffly spoken command. “Close your eyes.” 

“But I want to see it.” I pout breathlessly. 

“I know you do. Now close your eyes.” 

As I close my eyes, my other senses blaze to life. I almost giggle when I hear him flip his razor blade open. I can hardly contain my excitement. He’s bought a surprise for me! All week, I’ve been checking the mail and today the package arrived. My breath comes in shallow pants, except when I start to hold it, listening intently to what he’s doing, trying to guess what kind of fun he’s unwrapping.

“you're taking a really long time.” I whisper as I feel my pussy juices slip to my outer lips. God, I love a surprise. I’m giddy with anticipation and he’s enjoying every minute of it. My muscles strain at the mental effort to keep my eyes closed, my hands above my head, but I can’t keep the silly grin off my lips. 

“I love how much you enjoy a fun surprise.” His voice is contemplative, like he’s got the thing in his hand and he’s thinking about what he wants to do first. “You’ve been working so hard for us. You deserve a treat.”

I bite my lip and squirm, clenching my thighs to ease my pussy's ache of sweet anticipation. 

When he touches my foot with the softest caress, I let out the breath I’ve been holding. “Can I open my eyes?”

“No. And if you move your hands, I might make you wait until tomorrow.” 

He chuckles at my groan of agony.

“So dramatic, Love.”

He trails his fingers up my shin, my thigh, leaving fire in the wake of his touch. He barely caresses the sensitive flesh of my freshly waxed lips, like touching them is merely a passing thought, and I think I might explode as he continues to meander across my sensitive flesh. He hasn’t made a sound, but in my mind, I can see the satisfied smile play on his lips as I quiver beneath his touch.

Liquid fire pours through me and I arch off the bed when his hot mouth latches onto my breast without warning or preamble. He pulls my tight, aching nipple into his mouth with a strong suck before releasing it to nip and lave with his tongue. Oh, he's gotten me a new set of clamps! I love the bite of a good clamp and this is how he preps me - teasing, elongating, hardening. I take a deep breath in anticipation, knowing I'll have to breathe through the initial pain that'll flood my system - IF he's gotten me a really good pair.

When he moves to my belly button and kisses me there, the breath whooshes from my lips. Not clamps - I almost pout with disappointment, but then I gasp when he presses a velvety smooth object to my thigh and it rumbles to life. It's a toy! He's gotten me a vibrating toy!

"I absolutely love how excited you get T.J."

My giggle is cut short by a breathy squeal when he presses the rumbly toy to my now thoroughly soaked pussy.

"Can I please see it now?" I barely manage as he rubs and caresses and makes my entire pelvis feel as if it is alive and buzzing.

"You can see it when you suck it clean. Spread your legs."

I eagerly pull my legs as far apart as I can and am rewarded with the deep thrust of the toy into my vagina. I groan in pleasure while he fucks me slowly. In and out, in and out, like he has all day, like he doesn't care that my entire body is madly screaming for more. I want to move my hands. I want to touch him. I want to grab that toy and fuck myself silly because it's hitting all the right spots and feels AMAZING, but I want to cum. God, I want to cum so bad, and he's just having a grand ol time watching me. If I move my hands though, he'll stop. He'll take the toy. I won't cum until tomorrow. Tomorrow is a hell of a long ways away. So I keep my hands where they are. I keep my eyes closed. And like any strong, twenty-first-century feminist woman would do - I beg.

"Husband," I pant. "please. please make me come." I drag my heels closer to my butt, clenching my muscles, trying to gain purchase on the orgasms that's just out of my reach.

"This is a treat," He tells me with a smile in his voice. "so I won't torture you. Cum now."

Before I can respond, he's fucking me with the most delicious rhythm. It's hard and fast and that toy is hitting all the most perfect spots within my pussy. My juices are sloshing above the sounds of my groans and when he presses his thumb to my clit, my whole body explodes like a confetti balloon. He keeps fucking me with the toy, slowly, letting me come down.

"So, do you like your new toy?"

I nod with that Cheshire grin I always get after I cum.

"Open your mouth, open your eyes."

Eyes and mouth pop open simultaneously and I get a good look at my treat just before he pushes it into my mouth. It's purple!

"Suck it clean."

I do. And I can't wait to use it again.

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Yes, this was my sweet surprise and I love it!

Mr. Robinson is really good about showing his gratitude for all the hard work I do.

 My First Participation in Masturbation Monday!

My First Participation in Masturbation Monday!

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