Sex Guides

Want to have better sex? Uhm... duh, of course you do! On this page you'll find some books my husband and I found useful in the early days of our marriage, as well as some online guides written by top experts and sex educators. They're designed to be not only informative, but also fun and approachable. Whether you're fantasizing about dipping your toe into something new, or simply want to improve your moves for your partner, you'll find the information - and inspiration - you need here.


A Good Starter

There's a lot of redundancy in these pages, but it was one of our fun go-to's in the early days of our marriage. If you're feeling uninspired, or want to play a fun game of "roll the dice", just flip to a page and give it a go!

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Easy Fun

Okay, this is NOT the naughtiest sex game ever, as they claim, but it is a whole lot of fun. Many a giggle about the pulled card turned into something the card may never have intended it to be! It's light and fun, and some of the truth questions may give you interesting insights to your partner's psyche.

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The Book that Changed Me

This book didn't change me, but it was like going to a support group for wannabe kinksters living in a "vanilla" world. I related so closely to the woman whose relationship this is based on, found my own courage to talk to my husband about things I wanted and, in turn, gave him courage to talk about things he wanted. It turned out that our desires were very similar, we just needed a little courage to be okay with them. I love this book. It's fiction, but based on a true story, so, not really fiction. A must-read for you if you're a vanilla girl feeling suppressed by your own insecurities!