Cozy (#FebPhotoFest2018 #5 + Masturbation Monday!)

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It's late and I'm reclining in my favorite PJs.

They won't stay long.

Soon, Mr. Robinson will join me and pull this cozy blanket of pink leopard over my head and toss it to the side before he pulls me in for a snuggle. He'll kiss my forehead and tell me he loves me while stroking up and down my back with an affectionate caress. It's very likely that our snuggle will become a heated encounter, our bodies calling to each other, hands roaming, sheets tangling, limbs intertwining, but I don't know... that's part of the fun in the waiting, I suppose.

"How do you know?" You ask...

I know because it's his thing, our thing. It's almost my favorite part of the day - I don't know what I enjoy more - this little ritual, or the shower we take together before eating dinner. It's hard to choose, but for now, I'll recline and wait for his gentle (or not-so-gentle) goodnight.

© 2018 Hey, Mrs. Robinson

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