Texture - feeling my way through life (#FebPhotoFest2018 #3)

I love texture. I'm a very physical in that I'm always touching things, so much so, that my husband is constantly hissing at me to keep my hands to myself when we're in a place where I shouldn't be touching. When it's okay, he'll look at me and go, "you want to touch it, don't you?" I just grin and nod and wait for him to give me the okay - I'm laughing because I know it frustrates him sometimes, but when something catches my eye, I have to know how it feels. Sometimes I curl my hands up in front of my chest to keep my fingers from stretching toward something that calls to me. I don't know why it is, but it has been since I was a child, so I simply accept it as part of me, this need to touch, to feel.

I love this particular scrubber because it's scratchy and uncomfortable at first, but once my skin warms and adjusts, I absolutely love how tingly I feel while taking it on rounds 'round my body.

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