Fighter (#FebPhotoFest2018 #Day20)

I'm a fighter, have been since the day I was born as a two-pound, two-month premature baby. The scars on my body give testement to the things I endured to survive. Scars under my breasts, scars on my back - doctors fought to keep me alive as I fought to live. I survived as an infant and survived an abusive childhood. I've survived assault and abusive relationships and even my own journey to healing. And if you don't think the road to healing is one well-fought, you probably are one fortunite enought to not have had to travel it. 

My Husband loves my scars because they're testiment to my spirit, to my strength. I'm learning to love my scars too.

I'm a survivor

I'm a fighter

I always will be and the scars on my body remind me of that.

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