All Tied Up (#FebPhotoFest2018 #Day16)

Mr. Robinson let me tie him up.

Backstory - I'm really good with rope. I've been using ropes since I was a wee child for catching, controlling, tying, etc. etc. goats, sheep, horses, cows. So I know my way around the ropes. haha. Anyhoo, Mr. Robinson often restrains me with these beautiful babies (I also have purple and black), but I'd asked him one day if I could tie him. He came back to me a few months later and told me I could tie him up if I wanted to - of course, I was thrilled - even though he gave me instructions the entire time! It was fun, this little exchange of power. He was at my mercy, but then I was like, "cool, you're all tied up, I can do whatever I want! ... what do I want to do??" Comedic at first, orgasmic in the end, it was fun to use the ropes that usually bind me to bind him. Also, they look gorgeous against his beautiful chocolate skin :)

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