Is a Girl on a Motorcycle Hot? (#FebPhotoFest2018 #Day10)

 Yes, I do ride a motorcycle!

Yes, I do ride a motorcycle!

I don't know if you think a girl on a motorcycle is hot or not, but I feel pretty sexy when I'm riding (even though I don't know if anyone can tell I'm a girl under all my gear!). My Husband is pretty damn sexy when he's riding and one of my favorite things is riding two-up with him, holding onto him as we ride through the canyons or along the Pacific coast. There's something both relaxing and exhilarating about the experience.

I love to ride his bike, but we're looking for another so we can ride side by side or I can go out whenever I want.

This purple beauty is the bike I want.

Damn sexy.

Gets me wet just looking at it.

I think girls on motorcycles are freakin sexy. Not just a girl on a bike though - a girl on a bike who can actually ride - not just cruise or trick. Can you do a moto gymkhana obstacle course? Can you ride with control and precision even at high speeds? That's what's sexy.

What do you think? Are you a fan of riders?

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