Boobsweat! (#FebPhotoFest2018 #1)

Say hello to post-workout boob sweat! 
Yes, those are boobs, even though it looks like a butt lol.

So, I am really self-conscious about my body. Mr. Robinson works very hard to let me know how beautiful I am to him and has done nothing but good for me in that regard. Still, I cringe a little each time I post a photo of anything other than my smiling face, and even those are carefully picked through before being published. I vacillated like you can't believe about whether or not to participate in this thing that I think is fantastic - just not for me... I decided to do it for two reasons.

1. I'm the only one who has a problem with my body and I need to break out of that cage, stop those tapes, so to speak, this seemed like a good way to start - just rip the band-aid right off.

2. I admire the creativity and courage of those who post so much of themselves for others to enjoy, to laugh about, cry about, cheer about, and I want to be part of this community - it feels a bit like finding some long-lost family and being like, "Hi!" waves shyly "Uhm, can I play with you?" So, here I am, jumping into the sandbox, making new friends, and opening up a little.

I absolutely love Molly's quote, "I see myself through other's eyes and am made anew." That kind of sums up why I'm doing this.

So, thanks for welcoming me and if you want to see some more amazing bloggers taking part. Click below for more February Photofest love.

February Photofest