Anal play is fun and intense, but it can be dangerous if you're using the wrong tools or are in the wrong state of mind. Be smart, use safety first ALWAYS, and communicate with your partner - whether you're giving or receiving. Anal toys come in SO MANY shapes, sizes, and colors, there's no excuse to put yourself at risk by using anything else.

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Safety Tip

All anal toys should have a safety feature built in to keep that sucker from being pulled inside your body by that very strong group of muscles. This is usually a narrow part at the end, followed by a disc shape or some other larger piece. This feature keeps the toy "seated", and keeps you from having to make a trip to the ER to have it removed.

If you've ever watched "true stories from the ER" you know that people put all kinds of things - that were never intended to go there! - up their asses. Don't be one of those people. Buy a toy. It's safer, it'll last longer, and you won't end up on a TV show with a doctor explaining how he had to cut your anus to remove a foreign object.

Things you should NOT put in your butt - Seriously, just, NO!

Try These Instead!

There are literally hundreds of shapes, sizes, types, and use cases, for anal toys - Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can definitely find something - or some things - you'll enjoy. This page simply lists a few of the most popular types, but within each type, there are also many variations.

To view a short description of each type of toy, simply click on the object that's caught your eye, then hover over it once it's open.